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Final Report on 15th Polyurethanex 2024 Exhibition

Exhibition Organiser:

Mir-Expo Exhibition Company

At the same time, an exhibition
will be held in pavilions 1 and 5
of the Expocentre Fairgrounds:

 17th Composite-Expo 2025 Exhibition

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Poliser PU (FLOKSER TEKTiL SAN TiC A.S.), Istanbul, Turkey

6th International Exhibition Polyurethanex - 2014 Exhibitor

February 25 - 27, 2014 / Pavilion 1, Hall 1, Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia


Exhibitor information:

 Poliser PU, operating with the brand of Flokser Group since last quarter of 2006, has reached to a sales capacity of around 60.000 tons per year in its manufacturing facilities located in İstanbul-Hadımköy. Poliser aims to meet the polyurethane system needs needs of Turkey,one of the fastest growing markets in Europe and Middle East and its neighboring countries. Poliser PU started to sell slipper-sole, rigid, coating and coagulation polyurethane to Turkish market in 2007 and it is the first and only company to produce solvent based polyurethane resins in Turkey. 

In 2008-2009, Poliser PU added filter and integral polyurethane systems to its product portfolio and started to export for the first time. In 2010 it became one of the first three producing system houses in Turkey and swiftly continued its activities by exporting to 22 different countries. Poliser PU now continues to grow with a mission of providing polyurethane products with highly leveraged measures on human health, environment and safety, by keeping the customer satisfaction and standard quality at the forefront. With the advanced polyurethane technology in diverse sectors like insulation (refrigerators cold room panels, sandwich panel, spray, pipe isolation, decoration), filter, integral (office furniture armrests, various car parts, cables), shoes (slipper, sole, fusspett, labor safety), molded foam, adhesives and artificial leather polyurethanes Poliser PU continues its fast-paced development and has made it a vision to become one of the leading polyurethane system producers in the region until 2023.


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