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Polyurethanex - 2015
7th International Specialized Exhibition

arr or  Dates: February 25 - 27, 2015

arr or  Venue: Pavilion 2, Hall 6, Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

arr or  Organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

Polyurethanex - 2015 report on activity:

February 25 - 27, 2015 at IEC Crocus Expo there were held the 7th edition of POLYURETHANEX exhibition – a leading international specialized event in polyurethane industry in Russia, where full range of manufactures of raw materials, equipment and finished products of polyurethanes is widely introduced.

Current economics condition, Russia’s weak ruble, the dramatically declining oil prices and the challenging political situation being affecting the Russian market for polyurethane materials and equipment usage has not come to a grinding halt. In comparison with the last year edition, the quantity of visitors increased twice as much, the number of countries, total space area remain the same. All these factors witness an unbroken interest in advanced machinery, production, processing technology and high-tech materials.

In 2015 57 exhibitors took part in the show from 15 countries (Austria, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Italy, People's Republic of China, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belarus Republic, Republic of Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, USA and Turkey). Among the exhibitors were the following companies: Bayer, Huntsman, Dow Izolan, Cannon Eurasia, Chemtura, R.M.P.A. Srl, Biesterfeld Rus LLC, Chem-Trend GmbH, SAIP S.u.r.l., Hennecke GmbH, Zelu Chemie GmbH, Vladipur NVP, Polymertechnologii KS, Momentive Performance Materials Rus LLC, H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH, Solvey, S.P.B. NPF LLC, PPU XXI VEK LLC, Walter Chemie LLC, Global Term LLC, IMPIANTI OMS SPA, PURPLAM GmbH, Eigenmann & Veronelli S.p.A. and others.

At the Polyurethanex 2015 there presented the following brand new materials and products:

In 2015, Aventura LTD for the first time presents the latest equipment for spraying polyurethane foam at the Russian market. Installation kit combines the convenience of disposable foam systems with the efficiency of professional spraying. Autonomous and portable the equipment enables high-quality polyurethane foam sprayed coating twice as fast compared with analogues. Equipment is indispensable for implementation of small-scale works carried out on the premises, with a fine finish. It requires a minimum investment and training for professional work on applying foam.

PURPLAN GmbH is successful as a specialized supplier for storage systems, mixing system for liquids and reaction plants for synthetic resins since 2003. The company presented at the exhibition a new weighing system in a trolley. Using the weighing system in a lift trolley will increase the effectivity of the weighing device as well as positively influence productivity and time-management.

Company Solvay presented some developments of new products: polyurethane systems for negative temperature foaming for insulation for constructive industry and polyurethane systems based on vegetative components.

At the same time with Polyurethanex, there held 3 international specialized exhibitions: Composite-Expo (8th edition) allowed a wide range of specialists to get acquainted with innovation technologies of manufacturing and samples of finished products of composite materials for different branches of industry and Adhesives and Sealants (3rd edition) attracted significant attention of specialists of the industry: manufacturers and consumers of adhesive and sealing materials and Forum Imtech.

Over 126 exhibitors took part in the Composite-Expo from 19 countries (Austria, Belarus Republic, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Netherlands, People's Republic of China, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and  United Kingdom). February 25, 2015 within the business program of the Composite-Expo exhibition there were held the Current State and Prospects of Development of Production and Use of Composite Materials in Russia, 8th Practical-Research Conference, organized by Union of Composites Manufacturers and Mir-Expo Exhibition Company LLC.

It is worthwhile to point out a significant interest to the exhibition from foreign specialists, who were present at the event both as exponents and visitors as well.

Independent audit check of statistic figures were fulfilled for the third time during Composite-Expo and Polyurethanex exhibitions.

According to the experts on the space of 5600 sq. m. there situated 180 exhibitors, including 121 national (domestic) companies and 59 foreign ones from 19 countries. Over 14 400 people visited the shows and 93% of them were specialists in different fields of industry. It is evidence of the growing demands of the Russian market to use modern innovation materials and technologies in different industries.

The next 8th edition of Polyurethanex will take place February 17 - 19, 2016 at Halls 1 and 2 of Pavilion 1 of Crocus-Expo International Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia.

Exhibitors responses:

dowarr or  This year Dow Izolan Company has exhibited at Polyurethanex 2015 for the first time. In our opinion, the exhibition is one of the key platforms for communication between polyurethane market players – at our booth we had a fruitful and structural negotiations with our colleagues that will probably result in beginning of new mutually profitable business relations. It was important for us to present all range of company products, in the first place, new developments being used in such industrial sectors as public utilities, oil & gas production, car industry, refrigerating equipment manufacturing and others. I’d like to heartily thank the organizers of the event who made many efforts to widely present the professional environment. This fact filled the exhibition a full-fledged business life that distinguishes all truly valued such-like events

Sergey Anikin, Business Development Director, Dow Izolan LLC

besterfeldarr or  "Biesterfeld Rus is an affiliated company of Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH, pan-European distributor of specialty chemicals, with Head office in Hamburg (Germany). One of our key suppliers is Air Products & Chemicals producing a wide range of Polyurethane Additives. Our company participated in the exhibition "Polyurethanex -2015" as an exhibitor for the fifth time. It is great that every year the number of exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition increases. Herewith we would like to express our thanks for very good organization of the exhibition and advantageous choice of the exhibition area, which provided easy access for visitors interested in new products and technologies for PU production. Industry specialists had a unique opportunity to meet with technical experts from Germany on a joint booth of Air Products and Biesterfeld Rus. Visitors could ask questions and get recommendations for using of catalysts and surfactants, manufactured by Air Products for specific formulations in the production of polyurthanes. We want to express our special thanks to organizers of the exhibition for their high professionalism and administrative abilities. We will be glad to consider our participation in Polyuretanex-2016"

Irina Voronina, Biesterfeld Rus LLC

7th Polyurethanex - 2015 final video

Polyurethanex - 2015 Exhibitors opinion


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Polyurethanex - 2015 Exhibitor List:

  • Air Products Europe, Hamburg, Germany
    (polyurethane additives, epoxy accelerators and catalysts, polyurethane catalysts, polyurethane processing aids, polyurethane surfactants)
  • Alcor TF, LLC, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    (polyurethane systems)
  • ASD-tehnika LLC, Grodno, The Republic of Belarus
    (equipment for applying (FIPFG, FIPG), sealing, drawing, pouring, pasting, compounding)
  • Aventura LLC, Moscow, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (equipment for PPU spaying,  polyurea spraying equipment)
  • Bayer MaterialScience, Moscow, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (high tech polymers' provider)
  • Biesterfeld Rus, Moscow, Russia
    (polyurethane additives, flexible slabstock foam, Pour-in-Place/PUR Lamination, sealants, elastomers)
  • Cannon Eurasia LLC, Moscow representative office, USA
    (equipment for PPU processing)
  • Chem-Trend GmbH (Moscow representative office), Moscow, Russia
    (release agents, mould cleaners, mould sealers)
  • Chimex Ltd, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    (epoxy compounds, curing agents, polyurea systems)
  • D-Former LLC, Moscow Region, Russia
    (development of technologies for forming and contact the manufacture of products from plastics)
  • Dow Izolan, LLC, Vladimir, Russia
    (leader in PU systems production in Russia and the CIS)
  • Eigenmann & Veronelli S.p.A., Moscow representative office, Russia
    (raw materials for polyurethane industry, polyesters, polyethers, flame retardants TCPP, TEP)
  • Evonik Industries AG Plant Goldschmidt, Essen, GermanyExhibitor has a video interview
    (polyurethane additives)
  • Global Term LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (high pressure hot-spray equipment GAMA, hot-spray PU-foam systems, waterproofing hot-spray materials based on polyurea and polyurethane)
  • Hennecke GmbH, Sankt Augustin, GermanyExhibitor has a video interview
    (metering machines, mixheads, slabstock lines, sandwich panel lines, moulded foam lines, etc.)
  • Himplast Ltd., Murmansk, Russia
    (products of polyurethane)
  • H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH, Sulingen, GermanyExhibitor has a video interview
    (equipment and processing technologies for the efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly storage, metering, mixing and formulation of polyurethanes as well as equipment for the chemical recycling of polyurethane and PET waste)
  • Huntsman (Netherlands) B.V., representative office, Moscow, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (polyurethane additives, polyurethane foams, solvents)
  • IMPIANTI OMS SPA, Verano Brianza, MB, Italy
    (manufacturer of polyurethane foam dispensing machines)
  • IMTT - Italian Machine Tools Technologies, Moscow, Russia
    (metal treatment equipment)
  • Jiahua Chemicals Inc., Shanghai, China
    (Polyether Polyols for Polyurethanes, Ethanolamines and Triisopropanolamine for cements, Surfactants)
    (the largest silicone surfactant manufactuer in Сhina)
  • Kauchuk i Rezina, Edition, JSC
  • KP Verlag, Norderstedt, Germany
    (FAPU European Polyurethane Journal)
  • Lakokrasochnaja Promyshlennost, magazine, Moscow, Russia
  • LKM-press, Moscow, Russia
    (publishing house)
  • Momentive Performance Materials, Moscow, Russia
    (polyurethane foam catalysts, rigid polyurethane foams)
  • New Construction Technologies Ltd, Vladimir, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (polyurethane foam dispensing and spaying machines)
  • Nordichem Europe SIA, Marupe, Latvija
    (water and solvent based release agents for polyurethane, rubber, thermoplastic, polyester etc.)
  • Polymer-Komplex, Producers' cooperative, Moscow, Russia
    (filling machine of a high pressure for polyurethane foam processing)
  • Polymertechnologii KS, LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (spraying PU foam systems)
  • Polyurethane Trading House LLC, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia
    (rigid foam, polyols)
  • PPU 21 VEK, Russia, Moscow Region
    (high-pressure equipment for spray polyurea and polyurethane industry)
  • PURPLAN GmbH, Wallenhorst, Germany
    (raw materials for polyurethane production, PU equipment)
  • Putech Eurasia & Eurasian Composites Show 2015
  • RMPA s.r.l. Unipersonale, Italy
    (polyurethane foaming equipment, spray systems for insulations, polyurethane elastomers, foaming/moulding systems)
  • SAIP S.u.r.l, Italy
    (equipment for sandwich panels' manufacturing, dosing machines, mixing heads, moulded foam lines, foaming lines for refrigeration)
  • S.P.B. Corporation, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (services for the design and production of the spare parts from polyurethane elastomers, equipment and auxiliary substances for their processing)
  • Scientific Research Institute of Polymers, Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorog Region, Russia
    (technology of polymerization of (meth) acrylates, vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, processing of poly (meth) acrylates, polyvinyl chloride, polyolefines and other polymers)
  • Shandong INOV polyurethane Co. Ltd, Zibo, ChinaExhibitor has a video interview
    (polyols, PPU rigid foams)
  • Solvay, International Chemical Company, Moscow, Russia
    (chemicals for polyurethane industry, foaming agents, brominated flame retardans polyols)
  • Soudal LLC, Moscow Region, Russia
    (sealants, PU-Foams, adhesives)
  • Star International Saint Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia/China
    (chemical raw materials for polyurethanes)
  • Stepan Polska Sp.z.o.o., Brzeg Dolny, Poland
    (sufactants, polymers, PU)
  • Tentonn LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (urethane polymers)
  • Unikom-Service, Ltd, Research-And-Production Enterprise, Pervouralsk, the Sverdlovsk Region, Russia
    (operating systems, polyurethane products, equipment)
  • UNIVERSUM Group of Companies, Russia, Tver
    (energy saving insulationg systems on the basis of polyurethane foam)
  • Vladipur NVP LLC, Vladimir, Russia
    (polyurethane systems, polyesters polyols, glues, coatings, sealants)
  • Walter Chemie LLC, Staraya Kupavna Town, Noginsk District, Moscow Region, Russia
    (raw materials for the polyurethane industry, isocyanates, TDI, MDI, polyols, fire-retarding agents, additives)
  • Zelu Chemie GmbH, Murr, Germany
    (polyurethane foam- or casting systems, industrial adhesives)

Business program:

Presentations of the exhibitors of Polyurethanex 2015

arr or  Date: February 26, 2015

arr or  Venue: IEC Crocus Expo, Hall 6, Pavilion 2, Conference-Zone.



• Fatigue Reliability Assessment Of Innovative Metal- And Polymer-Based Materials and Joints
Speakers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank walther TU Dortmund University, Dept. Materials Test Engineering (WPT)

• North Rhine-Westphalia – Innovations region: advanced materials and technologies
Speaker: Mrs. Ekaterina Karpushenkova, Economic Development Agency of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

• DOPAG Modern Mixing and Dosing Resin Preparation Systems for Composite Materials’ Manufacturing
Speakers: Mr. Andrey Petrov and Alexander Savelie, Ostec-Integra LLC, Moscow, Russia

• Polyurethane composites for construction and transport
Speakers: Mr. Lorenzo Muziani, technical specialist of Dow Europe GmbH; translation – Mr. Denis Perin, Head of Construction Isolation & Refrigerating Equipment Group of Dow Isiolan, Dow Europe GmbH, Representative office, Moscow, Russia

• Special aspects and prospects of chemical cargo international transportation under conditions of foreign currency rate increase
Speaker: Mr. Sergey Safoninkov (Development Director), Borger LLC, Moscow, Russia

• Basalt fiber engineering: trends and development prospects
Speaker: Mr. Alexander Novitsky, Basaltovye Projecty LLC, Moscow, Russia


UFI Standard Audit Certificate of Polyurethanex - 2015 Exhibition:

UFI Standard Audit Certificate of Polyurethanex - 2015 Exhibition


Polyurethanex - 2015 photos: