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Polyurethanex 2018
10th International Specialized Exhibition

arr or  Dates: February 27 - March 01, 2018

arr or  Venue: Pavilion 8, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

arr or  Organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

10th Polyurethanex 2018 video report

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Polyurethanex 2018 post release

February 27-March 1, 2018 at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, there were held the 10th edition of POLYURETHANEX Exhibition – a leading international specialized event in polyurethane industry in Russia, where full range of manufactures of raw materials, equipment and finished products of polyurethanes is widely introduced.

POLYURETHANEX is awarded UFI Approved Event status (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry). The UFI Approved Event status is considered as one the crowning business achievement and witnesses the high quality level of the event in accordance with international exhibition industry standards.

Russian polyurethanes market is in its infancy, the long term deployment is expected in the nearest future. That’s why we witness constant demand on POLYURETHANEX show from Russian and foreign companies. POLYURETHANEX is a leading international specialized event in polyurethane industry in Russia, where full range of manufactures of raw materials, equipment and finished products of polyurethane is widely introduced.

Within the exhibition the special section of ADHESIVES and SEALANTS was introduced having attracted significant attention of specialists of the industry: manufacturers and consumers of adhesive and sealing materials.

In 2018 63 exhibitors took part in the show from 9 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, People's Republic of China, Netherlands, Belarus Republic, Russia, Poland & Turkey).

Among the exhibitors were the following companies: Covestro, Huntsman, DOW IZOLAN, Cannon Eurasia, Tentonn, R.M.P.A. Srl, Biesterfeld Rus, Chem-Trend GmbH, Unikom Service NPP, Hennecke GmbH, Vladipur NVP, Momentive Performance Materials Rus LLC, H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH, S.P.B. NPF LLC, PPU XXI VEK LLC, Walter Chemie LLC, IMPIANTI OMS SPA, Eigenmann & Veronelli S.p.A. and others.

The following companies exhibited at the event for the first time: Depsol Polymers, Defom, Zavod sintanolov LLC, ZAVOLZHSKIY PIGMENT, Interhim, CONA, Kerwood, Chemical Allience LLC, Qbex Logistics B.V., Lineer Kimya San Tic Ltd Sti, MACROMER named after V.S. Lebedev (R&D enterprise), PURPLAN GmbH, Rushimset ZAO, Techmash LLC, EKOSYSTEM SRL, and others. Please, find the full list of the exhibitors below on this page.

At the Polyurethanex 2018 there presented the following brand new materials and products:


H&S Anlagentechnik presented its latest innovative development - a technology and equipment for recycling of end-of-life PU mattresses into high-quality polyols for rigid and flexible PU foams. This direction is being developed very actively also due to a cooperation concluded between H&S and a well-known producer of chemicals, company DOW Europe in 2017. This technology, in addition to the economic feasibility of extracting raw materials from waste materials, improves waste management, reduces the landfills streams, and in general reduces the amount of waste from materials which are biodegradable, first on the European level and later on globally.

V.A.Kargin Polymer Research Institute presented the event the technology of foamed polyimide material. This material has a unique spectrum of temperature and strength properties exceeded the existing foamed materials. It is to be used in the production of aircraft engine cowlings, helicopter blades, fuselage parts, vessels hull, parts of complicated household appliances and others. It has essentially low cost (in 2-4 times less depending on the grade) in compare with foreign analogues due to the ingenious technology based on domestic raw material. Also it can be produced as sheet-type of different nominals and density range from 30 to 200 kg/m3 (up to 700 kg/m3 by special requirements).

MACROMER named after V.S. Lebedev, R&D enterprise, LLC is the company with a full innovation cycle, from the research and development to the organization of experimental-industrial and large-scale production. It demonstrated at Polyurethanex 2018 innovative developments and new production technologies: polyethers on an DMC catalyst; SAN-polymer polyols for elastic and molded PPU;  polycarboxylate superplasticizers for concrete; acrylate-polyols for industrial coatings; polymeric flooring based on epoxides;  PU-prepolimers for different purposes, including those based on DMC polyols; silan-modified PU.

On February 28, 2018 the presentations of the exhibitors took place within the exhibition business program at Conference-hall, Hall 3, Pavilion 8. You can find list of presentations below on this page.

At the same time with Polyurethanex, there held the international specialized exhibition COMPOSITE-EXPO (11th edition) allowed a wide range of specialists to get acquainted with innovation technologies of manufacturing and samples of finished products of composite materials for different branches of industry. 138 exhibitors took part in the show from 17 countries (Austria, Belgium, Belarus Republic, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Netherlands, the People’s Republic of China, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, Turkey and United Kingdom).

February 27, 2018 at Conference-hall, Pavilion 7, within the business program of the Composite-Expo exhibition there were held the Current State and Prospects of Development of Production and Use of Composite Materials in Russia, 11th Practical-Research Conference, organized by Union of Composites Manufacturers and Mir-Expo Exhibition Company LLC. The Conference attracted over 550 specialists. This great amount was achieved not alone by web-broadcasting of the event (as reference – about 200 visitors in the hall and 350 ones – on-line) but hard-driving program as well.

In 2018, on the space about 7000 sq. m. there situated 201 exhibitors, including 120 national (domestic) companies and 81 foreign ones from 21 countries. Over 15600 people visited the shows and 93% of them were specialists in different fields of industry. It witnesses growing demands of the Russian market to use modern innovation materials and technologies in different industries.

The 11th Polyuerthanex 2019 will be held April 23 - 25, 2019 in Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 1, Moscow, Russia traditionally simultaneously with 12th Composite-Expo 2019.

The management of the show got positive reviews on the event:

arr or  Sergey Anikin,
Director General, Dow Izolan LLC, Moscow, RFр

It becomes a good tradition for Dow Izolan to exhibit at the Polyurethanex exhibition. If very important for us - as we are a leader of polyurethane systems in Russia - that there exists such a platform where we could present our new solutions, meet our old partners and become acquainted with new ones, become involved in new partnership relations. Every time leaving the Polyurethanex we carry away new ideas, new experience and some new friends with us. I’d like to mention that becoming a good tradition as well, the high organization level of the Polyurethanex event and in return I’d like to express deep gratitude to organizers and wish the Polyurethanex 2019 would run to a high standard as we have it today. Thanks again and have a nice day!

  Alexandr Koval,
Director General of RT-Polyplast Trading House,
Rostov-on-Don City, RF

RT-Polyplast Trading House is exclusive representative of the plant called RT-Epaflex that produces thermoplastic polyurethane in Russia. This is the unique plan in Russia. We exhibited at Polyurethanex event for the first time and it’s very useful for us. We met new customers and the visitors we’d managed to communicate were direct consumers of our products. We conducted a number of promising negotiations regarding either technical cooperation or economic one. We’ll definitely exhibit at the next year edition of the Polyurethanex exhibition. We’d like to thank the organizer for the location and for the smart positioning of the stands in the hall, we communicated with our neighbors and even exchanged clients although we’re competitors.

  Elena Krupskaya
Sales manager, Cannon, Moscow

We have been observing the Polyurethanex trade show for several years and for the first time we only exhibited in 2013. We witnessed the event’s gradual development. A special thanks are due to Mir-Expo Exhibition Company for the idea of making such a specialized event and for the development approach to such an important project for companies who work with polyurethane foams and composites. Every year we meet more new companies, moreover visitor’s geography is global the fact we are happy about so much. Cannon presented the new inventions and technologies in polyurethane foam recycling.  Polyurethanex is perfect event for us to bring everyone up to speed on our innovations and confirm our leading status in polyurethane foam market.

10th Polyurethanex 2018 Exhibitors interviews:


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Polyurethanex 2018 list of exhibitors:


Business program:

- Raw material components, sealants, adhesives produced by Lebedev Scientific-manufacturing company Macromer Ltd. for import substitution program
Speaker: Mr. Sergey Kriushenko, Lebedev Scientific-manufacturing company Macromer Ltd., Vladimir, Russia

- Foamed ceramic microspheres of Kerwood – lighter filler
Speaker: Mr. Alexander Kozlov (Business Development Director), STEP-Invest LLC,  Chelyabinsk, Russia

- Recent trends in construction composite materials based on thermoplastic for exacting products of non-military nature
Speaker: Mr. Andrej Ushakov (Director General), АpATeCh NPP LLC, Moscow, Russia

- Usage pattern of fiber Bragg grating in research and control technologies of composite material products
Speaker: Inversia-Sensor LLC,  Perm, Russia

- Single wall carbon nanotubes applications in composites
OCSiAl, LLC, Moscow, Russia
Speaker: Mr. Alexander Zimnyakov, Russia& CIS Sales Vice President

- Technology and experiences in manufacturing highly advanced carbon fiber prepreg
Aviation Consulting TECHNO, CJSC, Moscow
Speaker: Dr. Martin Busch (Business Development Manager)

- Scott Bader Crestafire - High performance resin & gelcoat systems for demanding Building & Construction and Rail applications
CS Composites Limited liability, Novosibirsk, Russia
Speaker: Mrs. Elena Romanova

- NORCHEM - new player on the polyurethane market
NORCHEM Ltd., Nizhniy Novgorod
Speaker: Evgeniy V. Gnedin